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Keeping Yourself Business Oriented

For most home businesses, the computer and the
Internet are an integral part of the success or
failure of the business.

However, just like when you are at work, there's
always the temptation to check your email, talk to
friends online, or play a game when you are not busy.

However, just like at a job that you commute to, this
should be something that should be avoided when you
are working at your home based business.

One way to help avoid doing this is to set up an
account on your computer that is just for your home
based business.

Set up an email that is just business, set up an
instant messenger that is just business, and use the
web browser to just do things that are part of the

The temptation is still there, of course, but if you
start doing this right away you will find that it's
not so difficult.

The other reason that setting up an account that is
separate for your business is good is because when you
are doing things that are personal on the computer you
will be less likely to work during your 'off' hours.

One of the biggest mistakes that people who work from
home make is that they are 'always' working. They
never allow themselves time to be 'off the clock'.

This isn't something that is healthy, and it's
something that should be avoided. Having a separate
account on your computer helps to prevent this from

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